Kancil Awards

The Malaysian Advertising Awards

(10.3) Film [Non-Broadcast - Single] - MERIT, Leaky Roof, Naga DDB

There are so many unexpected things that can happen in our life, such as emergency operations, cash flow problems, shotgun weddings and leaky roofs. In a short period of time, these will cause an additional burden to a person's finances.

There is always a solution within the problem. Sometimes we are too focused on the problem and neglect the solution itself. The advertising campaign cleverly makes use of Chinese characters by demonstrating that the answer (money character) is surrounded by the problem. Focus not on the problem, but the solution. We convey that Hong Leong Bank Personal Loan will always be around to assist you anytime.

Leaky roof / Money / Focus not on the problem, but the solution / Hong Leong Personal Loan gets you through difficult periods.

Leaky Roof

Product / Service
Banking - Personal Loan

Hong Leong Bank

Executive Creative Director
Theerapol Koomsorn, Alvin Teoh

Creative Director
Tan Yee Kiang, Zamri Dzakaria

Art Director
Abby Tai, Ng Kok Wang

Raphael Ang, Yvonne Tan

Client Service
ST Lee, Ong Ee May

Peter Meng

Agency Producer
Sharon De Silva, Chris Lau

Production House

Audio House
Fuse Adventures In Audio



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