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(10.3) Film [Non-Broadcast - Single] - SILVER, Irfan, BBDO Proximity Malaysia

U Mobile recently launched a nationwide coverage campaign, ‘Get closer, Malaysia’. They believed it was the perfect opportunity for them to position themselves as one of the bigger players. And like their competitors, U Mobile wanted to be a brand that resonated with the people. The Idea: We revived a long-lost tradition of ‘Buah Tangan’ to bring people closer again. Bu-ah Ta-ngan, a Malaysian custom of bearing a gift to start a conversation.

In neighbourhoods, we encouraged people to start a conversation by giving someone a ‘Buah Tangan.’ Along the way, we stumbled across three spectacular real-life stories that we seeded online as videos to inspire the rest of the nation. The videos led to an app that allowed people to send a ‘Buah Tangan’ of their own.


Product / Service
U Mobile brand

U Mobile (M) Sdn Bhd

Executive Creative Director
Tan Chee Keong

Creative Director
Carina Teo

Art Director
Suan Boon Chuan, Miimo Leong, James Voon, Auston Low

Elissa Azizi, Ferhan Faidzan, Andrea Yap

Client Service
Aijaz Ahmed, Haruka Teh, Koh Weng Fai, Victoria Kovalan

Agency Producer
Hong Nyok Hwa, Jan Teoh

Production House Producer
Phoo K H, Delynne Hashim, Luqman Kamal

Production House
Mojo Films

Film Director
Barney Chua, Zekry Mazlan

Zekry Mazlan

Canang Audio House

Zekry Mazlan, Sheldon Aruel

Savy Ho Yie Yin

Sound Engineer
Shah Haron



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