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(16.1) Innovative Use of Media - BRONZE, #BurnThisMeal, OgilvyOne Worldwide Kuala Lumpur

Fitness First wanted more awareness and take-ups for its free workout trials. Given a low media budget, how could we then use social media to attract new walk-ins to its Hong Kong gyms?

We based our campaign on this insight: Hong Kong people are food lovers who also love to post photos of their meals on Instagram. We reached out to them on this same social platform with a never-been-done-before personal offer: free workout trials tailored to burn the very same meals they had posted. To do so, we hijacked their food shots using food-related hashtags (eg: #hkfoodie, #hkfoodporn, etc), and converted these shots into mobile gym vouchers to be tagged to the photo owners. Each voucher would show the meal calorie count and a recommended workout for burning those calories at Fitness First Hong Kong. Our rallying call: #BurnThisMeal


Product / Service
Fitness & Health

Fitness First Asia / Hong Kong


Executive Creative Director
Gavin Simpson

Creative Director
Rafael Guida

Art Director
Wong Chin Wei

Kok Lay Choon

Lim Poh Yeng

Client Service
Alex Lee, Chong Wei Zhien, Wil Ong

Agency Producer
Eric Yan, Jennafinz Goonting



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