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(15.1) Integrated - MERIT, No Excuse For Abuse, TBWA KL

Most domestic abuse cases in Malaysia only surface after victims have went through a long period of abuse. This is due to victims finding it hard to accept the reality that someone they love is abusing them, and also our society's conservative views of domestic abuse as a private household matter.This causes most victims in the early stages of abuse to be in a state of uncertainty, or even denial.WAO's objectives were to raise awareness regarding the early stages of abuse (especially among victims themselves), and help more victims get in touch with WAO's counselors.

We launched a series of exhibitions featuring clothing hand-stitched with victim’s excuses, to increase awareness regarding the early stages of abuse. The campaign also introduced victims to a live text helpline called TINA (Think I Need Aid) that was specially designed for use of victims in the early stages of abuse, making it easier for victims to seek help from WAO.

No Excuse For Abuse

Product / Service
Domestic Violence Public Service

Women's Aid Organization

Executive Creative Director
Sa'ad Hussein

Creative Director
Alvin Ng

Art Director
Justin Phang

Cheah Yi Pin, Juliet Tan, Andrew Perera, Indra Irwan, Chan Ka Chew

Art Director
Sarka Fleglova, Davina Tan

Client Service
Shaun Tay, Joanne Lie, Janine Wai

Carl D'Souza

Agency Producer
Chey Feng Mey

Print Producer
Jeff Hong, Shelly Ahmad

Lim Sok Lin, Brandon Lim

Film Director
Iskandar Siva, ST Fah, Mallory Lee, Max Lee Chee Choong, Rachel Lian

Production House
Sixtymac Production Sdn Bhd



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