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(2.1) Outdoor Advertising [Billboards and Street Furniture] - SILVER, Cures Home Sickness, Y&R Malaysia

Campbell’s canned soups were rarely being consumed as people were beginning to forget about the brand. Our client wanted us to help increase consumption to more than 4 million a year, by reconnecting with the target market that had once loved Campbell’s.

To make people drink more Campbell’s more often, we had to give them more reasons to. But our messaging also had to reach the right people at the right places. So we launched Cans of Positivity on location-specific bus shelters. Each bus shelter held a reason to enjoy Campbell’s, but each message was carefully chosen to suit the people in the area—efficiently prompting the target audience to include Campbell’s in their everyday lives.

Cures Home Sickness

Product / Service
Campbell's Soup

Campbell Soup Southeast Asia Sdn Bhd

Executive Creative Director 
Gigi Lee

Creative Director
Joshua Tay

Su-Yin Chong

Art Director
Emily Tan, Kasey Chew, How Wei Zhong, Gigi Lee, Joshua Tay

Emily Tan, Kasey Chew, How Wei Zhong, Lai Wai Yeap, Hazel Ting, Elaine Poh

Emily Tan, How Wei Zhong, Kasey Chew

Emily Tan, Kasey Chew, How Wei Zhong

Print Producer
T L Tan

Agency Producer
Wayne Low, Robert Aw

Image Rom, Wayne Low

Client Service
Nigel Menezes, Pravind Subramaniam, Caroline Bal, Lisa Hezila

Wayne Low, Motion Rom



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