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(2.2) Outdoor Advertising [Posters] - MERIT, Civil War, Dentsu Utama

The world has witnessed unbearable atrocities, committed against men, women and children by militia and police around the globe. The rape and slaying of women and young children in the name of ethnic cleansing, are a daily occurrence in many countries. Amnesty International needed to bring home the point that such violence had to stop. And that, only we could do something to stop it.

Write For Human Rights. A series of posters were created, each depicting a horrific scenario: civil war, death sentence and riots. A "human rights activist" places a pen against the perpetrator, as if it was a "weapon". The "weapon" here will ultimately take the form of a letter or petition, written in support of ending the violence.

Civil War

Product / Service
Petition for Human Rights

International Society for Human Rights (ISHR)

Creative Director
Chow Kok Keong

Art Director
Loo Kok Seng, Chow Kok Keong

Charmaine Sankar, Lim Khai Xing

Print Producer
Wong Fok Loy

Brandon Wong

Photography Studio
Add Studio

Studio Manager
Stephanie Lai



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