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(2.2) Outdoor Advertising [Posters] - SILVER, Old and New Short Stories Book, Dentsu Utama

For city folks, buying a book is something that is taken for granted. Whereas for the underprivileged, this is almost a luxury. The Salvation Army wanted to improve and change the lives of the less fortunate, especially the young.

The Book Project. Posters, placed in public places, were created to raise awareness of the needs of the underprivileged children, by urging the public to donate their old books to them. Hence, for them, the donor's old book would be a new book.

Old and New Short Stories Book

Product / Service
Old Books Donation

The Salvation Army, Malaysia

Creative Director
Chow Kok Keong

Art Director
Loo Kok Seng, Chow Kok Keong

Ted Lim, Charmaine Sankar, Lim Khai Xing

Client Service
Lim Sue Anne

Print Producer
Wong Fok Loy

Jesse Choo

Photography Studio
Untold Images

Strategy Planner
Terence Leong

Studio Manager
Stephanie Lai



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