Kancil Awards

The Malaysian Advertising Awards

(13.3) Promo & Activation [Use of Digital & Social] - MERIT, Corbis Contract, TBWA KL

To help Corbis stand out among other stock image libraries to appeal to advertising's most critical and cynical target audience - the advertising community itself.

Tap into every creative's desire to express themselves, and create a fun but competitive Instagram photo contest - Corbis Contract, where every submission is in turn an ad for Corbis.


Corbis Contract

Product / Service
Corbis Contract

Clicks Photo

Creative Director
Sa'ad Hussein

Creative Director
Ian Lee

Art Director
Alvin Ng

Art Director
Justin Phang

Cheah Yi Pin

Client Service
Shaun Tay

Client Service
Chin Ji Hsia

Client Service
Raphael See

Agency Producer
Fabian Lum

Production House
Rawr Production



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