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(9.3) Radio Craft [Acting Performance] - MERIT, Statement, ASTRO RADIO

Branding for Artline Permanent Marker.

In order to highlight the USP of the product, a hilarious scenario is created to examine the
capacity for permanence between memory and a permanent marker. As memories inevitably fade, the strength of the Artline Permanent Marker is brought to the fore. 


**1 of 2**
Police: Who are the witness to the crime?
an: *simultaneously* Me!
Woman: *simultaneously* Me!
Police: Was the murderer a man or a woman?
Man: *simultaneously* It was a big guy! 
Woman: *simultaneously* It was a tall woman!
Police: Huh???
Man: *simultaneously* Err, it was a woman!
Woman: *simultaneously* It was a man!
Man: Officer, it was a man with long hair!
Police: Did you see what weapon he was carrying? 
Man: *simultaneously* There was a gun!
Woman: *simultaneously* A knife!
Police: Huh?
Man: *simultaneously/sheepishly* Ehhh, there was a knife!
Woman: *simultaneously/sheepishly* Umm, it was a gun! Ermmm... then again, it could've been a knife! Heck, they both looked pretty much alike! 
Police: How long was the knife then?
Man: *simultaneously* This long!
Woman: *simultaneously* This short!
Police: What???
Man: *simultaneously* This short! 
Woman: *simultaneously* This long!
Police: I know people can look tall or short but knife that changes size a well?!
Man: Iron expands during hot weather, and shrinks in cold weather, didn't you study science in school?
Announcer: Can you seriously remember so clearly??? What do you think you are? An Artline Permanent Marker?! To leave an indelible mark, it's got to be Artline!
**2 of 2**
Police: How was the victim attacked?
Man: He was stabbed in the back... once! 
Woman: *interject* Twice! 
Police: What?
Man: Err, 3 stabs?
Woman: 4 times? In total...
Man: *simultaneously* 4 times!
Woman: *simultaneously* 4 times!
Man: (continue) Every stab was equally as fatal!
Police: What happened next?
Man:Before the victim fell to the ground, he managed to take 5 steps!
Woman: *interject* 3 steps!
Police: Was it 3 or 5 steps? Are you guys making it up as you go along?
Woman: His legs were much shorter, so his 5 steps are equivalent to my 3! 
Police: OK, continue...
Man: The victim then struggled excruciatingly on the floor for 3 minutes!
Woman: *interject* 30 minutes!
Police: Hey! Were the both of you in different time zones or something?
Woman: Shucks! Looks like my watch is 27 minutes slow! 
Announcer: Can you seriously remember so clearly??? What do you think you are? An Artline Permanent Marker?! To leave an indelible mark, it's got to be Artline!**End**


Product / Service 
Artline Permanent Marker

New Era Enterprise Sdn Bhd

Creative Director
Hoe Kai Yew

Hoe Kai Yew

Agency Producer
Hoe Kai Yew

Production House Producer
Jimmy Chua/ D'Wayne Lim

Client Service
Zech Paramond

Ho Soo Wei/ Tan Chuan Hui/ Linda Ang/ Nicole Chong

Production House
Astro Radio



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