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(8.2) Radio [Radio Campaign] - MERIT, Witness, Naga DDB

Only Witness

Old Lady

The Kid

The idea is to portray that it is almost impossible to get witnesses to accurately describe a culprit. To emphasize such situations, we used “witnesses” that are especially unlikely to be able to give accurate descriptions: an old lady, a 6-year-old kid, a dog. The descriptions given were so detailed that it becomes unbelievable. This is done to make listeners realise that it is more reliable to get a surveillance camera from Panasonic to capture the exact details of any unfortunate events that might happen on their premises.

Only Witness

Product / Service
Panasonic CCVE

Panasonic Malaysia

Executive Creative Director
Alvin Teoh, Theerapol Koomson

Creative Director
Darren Lee

Art Director
Abby Tai

Chia Yau Fai, Darren Lee

Client Service
Kevin Teh, Benson Lee, Rusniza Ibrahim

Agency Producer
Sharon De Silva, Venus Chen

Audio House
Two Am

Sound Designer
Kitcheren Lee

Susan Lankester, Sophie Isabelle Au Yong, Darren, Alex, Johnson, Gavin Yap

Gavin Yap



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