Kancil Awards

The Malaysian Advertising Awards

(18.1) Vernacular (Bahasa Malaysia / Chinese) [Bahasa malaysia / Best Idea - Single] - BRONZE, Love Comes Back, BBDO Proximity Malaysia

Man loves nature.He gives his life to you.Without you, he is nothing.His happiness is your sustainability. He gives you care as you give him life.You need him just as much as he needs you.He nurtures you with all his heart.(MNS Logo)You take care of me with all your heart.You need me just as I need you.You care for me as I do for you.Your life is my happiness.I am nothing without you.I give everything to you.Nature loves man.

Love Comes Back

Product / Service
Malaysia Nature Society

Malaysia Nature Society

Executive Creative Director
Tan Chee Keong

Creative Director
Adam Chan

Yusrizal Yusof

Art Director
Theng Lik Tat, Jarrod Reginald

Client Service
Tieh Pui Yen

Agency Producer
Louie Hoo, Ang Hui Yun



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