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(18.1) Vernacular (Bahasa Malaysia / Chinese) [Bahasa malaysia / Best Idea - Single] - MERIT, Tesco Everyday Value: Samy Value & Mat Jimat (Winter), TBWA KL

Tesco Malaysia wanted to promote their in-house line of value-for-money essentials - Tesco Everyday Value. The target audience: Urban Malays aged between 25 - 35. We were tasked to promote the line of products online and lead to awareness and sales, while taking into account the need for middle and lower income groups to save in current times of financial distress.

Samy Value & Mat Jimat - two Malaysians who are all about spending small and living big. We wanted to show our target audience just how well we understand the need to save - but not without compromising our desire to enjoy a better lifestyle. The two characters offered tips on how to save by using Tesco Everyday Value items, and with those savings, anyone can live and spend the way they want!

Tesco Everyday Value: Samy Value & Mat Jimat (Winter)

Product / Service
Home Shopping

Tesco Malaysia


Executive Creative Director
Sa'ad Hussein

Creative Director
VJ Anand

Shune, William Beale, Rahimaton Shukor

Client Service
Judy Wong, Joe Yee

Art Director
Julian Yap

Sueen Thoo, Amanda Kok, Tay Shen Thuu

Lai Kun Liang

Web / Multimedia Designer
Carmen Lee

Production House
Mojo Films

Mat Jimat: Faiq, Samy Value: Kavin Jay



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