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(18.1) Vernacular (Bahasa Malaysia / Chinese) [Bahasa malaysia / Best Idea - Single] - MERIT, The BK Ramadan Trayliner, Lowe Malaysia

During Ramadan, fasting Muslims would order their meals earlier and wait for the time to break fast. As for non-fasting Malaysians, they would choose to eat at different places, different time. Burger King wanted Malaysians to dine together in the same place, during the fasting month. So it turned to an all-familiar medium. The trayliner.

The traditional trayliner was given a makeover. And the BK Ramadan Trayliner was born! It was designed so fasting customers could unfold it to cover their meals as they wait to break fast. Non-fasting customers could also put it upright over their meals when they dine with their fasting friends. When unfolded, both sides of the trayliner featured charming illustrated stories which entertained and reminded customers of the importance of patience and respect. The values which brought Malaysians together, in one place, thanks to one simple trayliner and two easy gestures.

The BK Ramadan Trayliner

Product / Service
Burger King Restaurants

Cosmo Restaurants Sdn Bhd

Executive Creative Director
Zaidi Awang

Creative Director
Hans Lee

Art Director
Wong Kai Ming

Eddy Nazarullah, Lim Wee Ling

Wong Kai Ming, Eason Heng

Client Service
Andrea Dennis, Simon Chew, Nash Zulkifli, Shukri Jai

CC Kua

Loke Hon Leong

Photography Studio
Image Rom

Print Producer
Kamal Chima

Color Separation
Pioneer Graphic Scanning

Production House
Motion Rom

Agency Producer
Noelle Goh

Production House Producer
Aaron Lau

Film Director

Kelvin Soo

Keith Loh, Director of Marketing, Burger King Malaysia & Singapore



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