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(18.5) Vernacular (Bahasa Malaysia / Chinese) [Chinese / Best Idea - Single] - MERIT, Canon 'Freewhodowan', Lunch Communications

Canon PIXMA printers have had very little presence on social media. Out of 212 total conversations, its Share-of-Voice (SOV) was only 46%.To raise Canon PIXMA's SOV on social media, targeting students active on social media and their internet-savvy parents.

We created a #freewhodowan microsite with a hash tag counter and promoted it using online banners on popular sites. To generate interest, we engaged 6 opinion leaders and 2 bloggers and launched 3 YouTube videos. A total of eleven milestones had to be completed, with randomly selected participants winning a PIXMA printer!

Canon "Freewhodowan"

Product / Service
Canon PIXMA Printer

Canon Marketing Malaysia


Executive Creative Director 
Woon Hoh

Creative Director
Joseph Lee, Bee Lee

Art Director
Nikki Chong, Joseph Lee

Allan Lee

Client Service
Tanner Nagib, Margaret Chew, Weiling Teng, Krystal Santa Maria

Production House
The Core Studios

Production House Producer
Ho Ming Han

Film Director
Ho Ming Han

Director of Photography
Bryan Lim



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