Kancil Awards

The Malaysian Advertising Awards

(18.5) Vernacular (Bahasa Malaysia / Chinese) [Chinese / Best Idea - Single] - MERIT, Kiasu like hell!, Publicis Communication Malaysia Sdn Bhd

SKEA is unlike other Chinese funeral paper offering manufacturers. SKEA's paper replicas are custom-made with perfectly crafted intricate details. For even the most demanding of customers, almost any form of paper offering can be tailored for the afterlife. The challenge for the agency is to communicate this benefit for a manufacturing category that is seldom openly discussed and typically shrouded in solemnity.

Radio commercials are used to dramatize the outcome of having used SKEA’s paper offerings. To promote awareness and talk value to an unpopular topic ‘offerings to the dead’, the commercials use a Chinese drama-like humour. The conversations reflect typical ‘kiasu’ behaviour that are characteristically realistic and light-hearted.

Kiasu like hell!

Product / Service
Custom Made Afterlife Paper Offerings

Skea Malaysia (MY Elysium Sdn Bhd)

Executive Creative Director
Jeff Orr, Monica Chen

Ang Sin Kean, Ken Goh

Agency Producer
Jennifer Hendroff

Sum Jia Jun, Veloice Lim

Client Service
Leon Tang, Carole Foo, Kelvin Yap

Production House
Canang Studios

Tan Chuan Hui, He Shu Wei, Nicole Chong



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