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(18.8) Vernacular (Bahasa Malaysia / Chinese) [Chinese / Best Copy - Campaign] - BRONZE, Statement, Astro Radio

Statement 1

Statement 2

Branding for Artline Permanent Marker.

In order to highlight the USP of the product, a hilarious scenario is created to examine the capacity for permanence between memory and a permanent marker. As memories inevitably fade, the strength of the Artline Permanent Marker is brought to the fore.

**1 of 2**
Police: Who are the witness to the crime?
Man: *simultaneously* Me!
Woman: *simultaneously* 
Police: Was the murderer a man or a woman?
Man: *simultaneously* It was a big guy!
*simultaneously* It was a tall woman!
Police: Huh???
Man: *simultaneously*
Err, it was a woman!
Woman: *simultaneously* It was a man!
Man: Officer, it was a man with long 
Police: Did you see what weapon he was carrying?
Man: *simultaneously* There was a gun! 
Woman: *simultaneously* A knife!
Police: Huh?
Man: *simultaneously/sheepishly* Ehhh, there 
was a knife!
Woman: *simultaneously/sheepishly* Umm, it was a 
gun! Ermmm... then again, it could've been a knife! Heck, they both looked pretty much alike!
Police: How long was the knife then?
Man: *simultaneously* This 
Woman: *simultaneously* This short!
Police: What???Man: *simultaneously* This short!
*simultaneously* This long!
Police: I know people can look tall or short 
but knife that changes size a well?!
Man: Iron expands during hot weather, and shrinks in cold weather, 
didn't you study science in school?
Announcer: Can you seriously remember so 
clearly??? What do you think you are? An Artline Permanent Marker?! To leave an indelible mark, it's got to be Artline!

**2 of 2**
Police: How was the victim attacked?
Man: He was 
stabbed in the back... once!
Woman: *interject* Twice!
Police: What?
Man: Err,
3 stabs?
Woman: 4 times? In total...
Man: *simultaneously* 4 times!
*simultaneously* 4 times!
Man: (continue) Every stab was equally as fatal!
Police: What happened next?
Before the victim fell to the ground, he managed to take 5 steps!
Woman: *interject* 3 steps!
Police: Was it 3 
or 5 steps? Are you guys making it up as you go along?
Woman: His legs were much shorter, so his 5 steps 
are equivalent to my 3!
Police: OK, continue..
Man: The victim then struggled 
excruciatingly on the floor for 3 minutes!
Woman: *interject* 30 minutes!
Police: Hey! Were the both of you 
in different time zones or something?
Woman: Shucks! Looks like my watch is 27 minutes slow!
Can you seriously remember so clearly??? What do you think you are? An Artline Permanent Marker?! To leave an indelible mark, it's got to be Artline!


Product / Service
Artline Permanent Marker

New Era Enterprise Sdn Bhd

Creative Director
Hoe Kai Yew

Hoe Kai Yew

Agency Producer
Hoe Kai Yew

Production House Producer
Jimmy Chua/ D'Wayne Lim

Client Service
Zech Pharamond

Ho Soo Wei/ Tan Chuan Hui/ Linda Ang/ Nicole Chong

Production House
Astro Radio



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