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(10.3) DIRECT [Use of Digital & Social] - MERIT , 7Up Revive: Snooze Me If You Can, Y&R Malaysia

7Up Revive: Snooze Me If You Can

Product / Service
7Up Revive Isotonic Drink

Permanis Sandilands Sdn Bhd

Revive Isotonic is produced by Permanis Sdn Bhd, one of Malaysia's leading drink manufacturers. Largely popular among the young audience, Revive is well known as an instigator of fun and active lifestyle with its slogan, "Keep The Fun Going". In an effort to occupy a top-of-mind recall, Revive decided to remind audience what this brand is all about. But a conventional way was not an option. Revive wanted something that is fun and engaging, and in-line with their slogan, "Keep The Fun Going".

Due to the nature of the brief given by client, Revive needed an idea that is fun and engaging rather than a passive one-way communication. It is crucial that this idea demonstrates Revive’s ‘Keep The Fun Going’ philosophy. This is to ensure that the audience can easily connect with the brand and ultimately build brand affinity. Since the target audience’s age group is between 15 and 25 years old, social media was the most ideal platform to execute this idea, specifically on Revive’s Facebook page. It was executed through an e-poster on Revive’s Facebook timeline. Every participant became the brand’s advocate when this e-poster was shared to their friends, which in return translated into Revive’s earned media. Through an online contest, Adrenalarm will be rewarded directly to the winners.

Executive Creative Director
Gigi Lee

Creative Director
Joshua Tay

Art Director
Eric Tee, Shireen Ang

Azman Majid, Claira Chan

Eric Tee, Lai Wai Yeap

Eric Tee

Eric Tee

Image Rom

Client Service
Stephanie Lim, Lee Ping Han

Print Producer
TL Tan

Agency Producer
Robert Aw

Production House
Motionrom Sdn Bhd

Film Director
Aaron Lau

Client Supervisor: Tan June Yin



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