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(12.2) ENTERTAINMENT & BRANDED CONTENT [Digital] - MERIT, CLEAR Pelangi Cinta: Nothing to Hide, Lowe Malaysia

CLEAR Pelangi Cinta: Nothing to Hide

Product / Service
CLEAR Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Unilever Malaysia

CLEAR Shampoo has been in the market since 2006. Brand awareness is high. The problem? CLEAR was known mainly as an anti-dandruff shampoo for men. How could we connect to women on an emotional level? We knew they were online, and consuming a lot of media. They love their TV dramas. And above all, they love their local celebrities.

With a new campaign we had a chance to tell a story about confidence. And from that came Pelangi Cinta - a four episode web series starring local celebrities Shaheizy Sam and Juliana Evans.Juliana plays the brand’s ambassador. She has to put on a perfect face and can never reveal her feelings to anyone. Sam plays a regular Joe, happy with his lot in life. Everything changes after they meet. And we see how they inspire each other to let their barriers down. The final takeout? Let your true self show because “Love is too beautiful to hide.” A special music video was created featuring indie singer Izzy Mohd performing the eponymous track. And as expected, viewers started requesting for the soundtrack and title. That’s when we released it as surprise bonus content. The series reached over 1.7 milion views over the one-month campaign and achieved a rating of 98%. With this first attempt, CLEAR managed to successfully connect to the target audience.

Executive Creative Director
Zaidi Awang

Creative Director
Hans Lee

Art Director
Mohd Iqbal

Justine Lee / Firdaus Kamaluddin

Edwin Ng

Client Service
Shukri Jai / Era Ramly / Nafisah Arabee / Farah Hazeleena

Agency Producer
Zyra Khirudin

Production House
MOJO Films

Production House Producer
Keng Phoo / Malcolm Soh / Sarah Lois

Film Director
Esham Shahlin / Barney Chua

Ungku Adi

Director of Photography

Izzy Mohd

Izzy Mohd

Joshua Johan

Canang Studio



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