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(9.12) FILM & FILM CRAFT [Scriptwriting] - MERIT , Kucing Happy, Fishermen Integrated

Kucing Happy

Product / Service


Yu Lin Zheng Gu Shui, a topical liniment trusted by many generations is the must-have Chinese medicated liniment in all households. It offers relief from sprained joints, bruises and muscle aches, and helps accelerate the healing process. But this 70 year old traditional brand is fast losing its lustre with the younger consumers.

Idea: To bridge the gap, we reached youngsters through their favourite activity, skateboarding. We introduced Skateboard Poster, where skateboards were designed with a combination of vintage Chinese graphics and skateboarding elements. The skateboards were then turned into posters. This way, we reconnected an old brand with the younger generation, by applying Eastern elements to a Western object. Results: Words spread through social media channels, resulting in discussions among the digital natives that helped extend the brands reach even further. We also successfully reconnected with the younger market when they realised the value of traditional Chinese liniment, hence regaining its place in the household.

Executive Creative Director
Adam Miranda

Creative Director
Andrew Tan

Mo Nazmi Ahmad

Art Director
Willeon Leong

Client Service
Mark Darren Lee

Client Service
Nicky Francis

Film Director
Derrik Yaw (Graph Studio)

Director of Photography
South Ong (Graph Studio)

Ram Chia (Grand Theft Records)

Alicia Lok (grand Theft Records)

Art Director
Baharin Jeffri



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