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HOME RESULTS: 2015 (9.3) FILM & FILM CRAFT [Non-Broadcast Single] - MERIT, Lipton 'Master The Art Of Teh Tarik', TBWA Kuala Lumpur

(9.3) FILM & FILM CRAFT [Non-Broadcast Single] - MERIT, Lipton 'Master The Art Of Teh Tarik', TBWA Kuala Lumpur

Lipton 'Master The Art Of Teh Tarik'

Product / Service
Lipton 3 in 1 Teh Tarik

Unilever Malaysia

The teh tarik is the unofficial national drink of Malaysia: it's the go-to drink when we're on our breaks, and is mostly consumed at the mamak. Lipton wanted to extend its tea repertoire by introducing a 3-in-1 instant Teh Tarik mix, and allow Malaysians the chance to drink their favourite beverage anywhere they want. But how can we convince Malaysians that our 3-in-1 Teh Tarik is easy to make, and tastes as good as the ones they get at the mamak? And for them to drink 3-in-1 Teh Tarik from the comforts of their home or office when it's time for a break.

Why is it that we only drink Teh Tarik at the mamak? The answer, unfortunately, is pretty simple; we don't know how to make a great cup. The solution is simple: convince Malaysians that they could easily master the art of Teh Tarik, and create their own version of this drink, any time, any place. To do this, we created two characters: the Tea Lover, who represented Teh Tarik-loving Malaysians, and the Teh Tarik Expert, who represented Lipton. We then produced an entertaining short video, detailing each character and their journey towards discovering that great cup of Lipton 3-in-1 Teh Tarik. We took inspiration from Wes Anderson and produced the video in his quirky style. The script was also written in a mix of Bahasa Malaysia and English, to show that this drink is as Malaysian as it gets. The video ended with the Tea Lover hosting a Teh Tarik Party, so that he could share his discovery with his closest friends.

Executive Cretaive Director
VJ Anand

Art Director
Ben Tan

Fazlee Sabbaruddin, Wong Wei Lyn, Rahimaton Shukor

Faridz Husaini

Client Service
Judy Wong, Charmaine Chow, Toh Joe Yee

Production House
Planet Films

Production House Producer
Nisha Khiruddin

Film Director

Sotong Potong

Sa'ad Hussein (CCO), Fazlee Sabbaruddin


Results: 2015

Golden Kancil

Kucing Happy, Fishermen Integrated

Kancil For Good

Sama-Sama, Fishermen Integrated

Advertiser of the Year


Young Kancil
24 Hours Winners 

Olivia Ariferiani / Abiseshana Mohan / Carmen Cheong,

Gold Winners

gold-tapirCut a tree. Kill a life - Tapir, Y&R Malaysia

gold-evereadybookofplayEveready Book Of Play,

gold-kuchinghappyKucing Happy,
Fishermen Integrated

Fishermen Integrated