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Let's start from the top again. Okay?

Product / Service
Jonsson Protein

Jonsson Protein Healthy Hair Growth Sdn Bhd

Jonsson Protein is generally well known for its hair loss solutions among men above age of 30. Due to the fact that many competitors offer similar end benefits to the consumers through the utilisation of different product technology and packages, consumers do not feel connected to Jonsson Protein. We aim to stand out in the market, therefore, we repositioned Jonsson Protein as a brand that truly speaks to the consumers.

Insight: We are targeting men above the age of 30, who care about their hair loss and see it as a problem. When they were young, these men used to love their hair, as much as their first loves. Those were the days they were rebellious- dyeing their hair, styling their edgy hairdos and growing it out when they were in school. These were sweet memories, similar to sweet memories they had with their first loves. As time passed, they started to neglect their healthy hair that was when they started to lose their hair. This occurrence is positioned as a metaphor for how they eventually lost their first loves.Idea: A monologue of a man reminiscent and mournful about losing his hair, told as a metaphor for the loss of his first love.

Male VO:Today, Aaron Kwok's classic hit song, Can't Stop Loving You, was playing on the radio.And I thought of you. How, back in high school,you made me feel like I was as charming as Aaron himself. And how you went along with me when I decided to

Executive Creative Director
Chan Fong

Creative Director
Xiao Yang, Chen Sin Fatt

Chao Ai Ling

Client Service
Nick Chin Ting Jie

Strategic Planner
Ting Poh Wei

Production House
Cad Music Sdn Bhd

Production House Producer
Lee Mei Yee



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