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IBG International Brands Gallery

Mattress World

A homeowner seemingly welcomes a guest to her house and invites the guest to take her belongings including jewelry, gold bars, and watches.

The guest turns out to be a thief. The message is that without a safety box, thieves can easily steal your belongings at home.

SFX: HANDPHONE RINGSMVO: Hello? FVO: I miss you MVO: Miss you tooFVO: Dont bluffMVO: I miss your smileFVO: Is that all?MVO: I miss your tendernessFVO: Anymore?MVO: I miss your kindnessFVO: What else?MVO: You are the only one on my mind!FVO: I dont believe you!MVO: I swear! If Im in love with another, I willFVO: *Interrupts* Dont say it!MVO: Only you care about meFVO: What about your wife?MVO: She? Shes beside me. FVO: What?!? MVO: Dont worry, she is in dreamland... ANNR: At IBG, youll find premium mattresses thatll have you sleeping like a log. IBG, for your ergonomic living.

Creative Director
Hoe Kai Yew

Hoe Kai Yew

Agency Producer
Hoe Kai Yew

Client Service
Tan Hui Yee

Production House
Astro Radio

Production House Producer
Jimmy Chua, D'Wayne Lim/p>

Ho Soo Wei, Wan Wai Fun, Tan Chuan Hui



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