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(8.1) RADIO & RADIO CRAFT [Broadcast Single] - MERIT, Open Goal, ASTRO RADIO

Open Goal

Product / Service
Safety Box

Alphamax Industried Sdn Bhd

A homeowner seemingly welcomes a guest to her house and invites the guest to take her belongings including jewelry, gold bars, and watches.

The guest turns out to be a thief. The message is that without a safety box, thieves can easily steal your belongings at home.

SFX:DING DONG (door bell)FVO: (GREGARIOUS) Ah, you guys are finally here! Remember to remove your shoes before you enter. On the third shelf of the shoe cabinet, you'll find hidden a bar made from pure gold in the fourth pair of shoes from the right. Do you need to use the loo? All the jewelry that you're looking for is kept in the toilet tank. Go ahead, help yourself... And you'd think there'd be ashes in the urn, right? Nonsense! There're actually more than 28 vintage watches. But don't you dare leave a single scratch on them, they're extremely valuable. M.Anncr: If you don't own an Alphamax Safety Box, it doesn't matter how well you hide your valuables, you'd only be asking for it!Call 1300-222-822

Creative Director
Hoe Kai Yew

Kiang Lai Peng, Natassia Seon

Client Service
Connie Chia

Production House
Astro Radio

Production House Producer
D'wayneLuther Lim/p>

Nicole Chong, Tan Chuan Hui



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