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(8.7) RADIO & RADIO CRAFT [Writing] - MERIT, Awek Muda, Lowe Malaysia

Awek Muda

Product / Service

That Laundry Shop

In Malay Language, light and dark shade of colours are described with the word 'young' and 'old.' For example, 'light green' is called 'young green' while 'dark green' is called 'old green.' Script:Awek Muda (Young girlfriend)MVO:Yeah, people say I'm no spring chicken. Who are they to judge me? If it's our destiny to be together, why bother go against it? Yes, she's 'younger' than me. Is it a crime to be paired with 'someone younger?' Well, people often say: Let the 'young ones' be with the 'young ones', same goes with the 'old ones.' And I do notice, when we're together people are always staring at us. Are they jealous or what!? Let them say what they want to say, I don't care! Well, to be frank, I do feel pity for my partner. I tried to look 'young.' But I can't! What else can I do!? All this is because of my master! He washes me at That Laundry Shop. That's why my 'old' blue, stays 'old.'ANNCR: That Laundry Shop, a laundry service that protects the colour of your shirt, so 'young' colours, stay 'young'. Visit us, That Laundry Shop at Damansara Perdana now.

Executive Creative Director
Zaidi Awang

Creative Director
Hans Lee

Eddy Nazarullah

Client Service
Gigi Yip, Iskandar Putra

Agency Producer
Rizawati Johari

Production House
Maveriq Studio

Tamimi, Sam



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