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(4.1) CRAFT FOR PRESS, OUTDOOR, DIRECT & DESIGN [Illustration] - BRONZE, Eveready Book Of Play, TBWA Kuala Lumpur

Eveready Book Of Play

Product / Service
Eveready Torchlights & Batteries

Energizer Malaysia

In today's digital world, Eveready set out to do what conventional, obsolete batteries have never done: Bring Malaysian families with young children closer together.While overworked parents and busy children meant less bonding time, we realised that current forms of entertainment didn't reflect the heritage or traditions of what parents grew up with themselves.So what if we could tap into Malaysian parents' own nostalgia and childhood?

Eveready was inspired by the lost art of Wayang Kulit, the traditional Malaysian art of storytelling using shadow play.We created a shadow play bedtime storybook for children, 'Sang Kancil Cari Cahaya' (The Mouse-deer's Search for Light), featuring the iconic Malaysian folktale character: The Mousedeer. Children can even create new stories with the characters, so every night brings a new experience.That's how we created a new reason to buy Eveready torchlights, using light and shadow to light up a child's imagination, and bring families closer together.

Executive Creative Director
VJ Anand

Senior Art Director
Julian Yap

Rahimaton Shukor, William Beale, Shune

Tay Shen Thuu, Sam Lai

Agency Producer
Benson Clive

Pringard Trading

Sa'ad Hussein (CCO), Shune (CGH), Lay Jian-Yi (ACD), Chow Chun Son, Nigel Pinto, Randy Jay Pavanaris, Jerry Lai, MK Wong, Hendro Setyo

Production Team
Canang Studio Sdn Bhd



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