Kancil Awards

The Malaysian Advertising Awards

(9.1) Cyber [Websites and Microsites] — BRONZE, The Code of Z, IF Interactive

The Challenge
To promote the Xperia Z's key features and ensure it stood out in a crowded smartphone market prior to launch.

The Solution
A campaign that highlights the Xperia Z's features via interactive gaming that test users' concentration levels and attention to detail.

How it Works?
Challenge 1 - Water Resistance
Remember the characters falling onto the Xperia Z's screen.
Challenge 2 - Dust Resistance
Follow the ringtone to find the buried Xperia Z.
Challenge 3 - Mobile Bravia Engine 2
Select the smartphone display that is powered by Bravia

The Microsite
'The Code of Z's unique interactivity has raised the bar for innovative user engagement and it perfectly showcased the features of Xperia Z.

The Code of Z

Sony Mobile Malaysia


Internet URL

Creative Director
Liew San Yen

Art Director
Tan Wang Teck, Chien Wee Hang

Hanna Lee

Chien Wee Hang

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Chien Wee Hang, Eng Lee Peng

Liew San Yen, Eng Lee Peng

Client Service
Liew San Ling, Ter Pek Yew, Jessica Teoh

Production House
Video Independent Pictures

Production House Producer
Desmond Oong



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