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(9.1) Cyber [Websites and Microsites] — BRONZE, Where’s Johno?, IF Interactive

The Challenge
When tourist mention "Gold Coast, Australia", what comes to mind are beaches, sunshine, surfing and more beaches. Isn't it a pity that a destination with many diverse attractions is only known as a seaside paradise? Whale watching, crabbing, a glow worm cave and wildlife sanctuary are just some of Gold Coast's undiscovered wonders.

The Solution
To create awareness about Gold Coast’s undiscovered attractions, users are invited to participate in the “Where’s Johno?” interactive campaign. AirAsia X and Tourism Queensland are rewarding our winners with Gold Coast vacations and holiday discounts.

How it Works
The Google Street View version of Gold Coast becomes an interactive “search & spot” playground for Johno, an Australian travel agency owner. Users would have to spot Johno in five different locations. They also get to know Gold Coast’s other attractions via mini games (whale watching, glow worm cave, etc.). The higher they score, the more discounts they’ll get.

The Results
Thanks to Johno, many returning visitors spent an average engagement time of seven minutes thirty three seconds on the website. Who’d have thought the Gold Coast has this much to offer? Now the world can recognise it as more than just a beach resort.

Where's Johno?


Internet URL

Creative Director
Liew San Yen

Art Director
Liew San Yen

Hanna Lee

Chow Kok Quin

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Chow Kok Quin

Mervyn Toh, Saiful Yusoff

Client Service
Adeline Ng, Linh Dover

Chow Kok Quin, Chia Yong Ling



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