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(3.2) Design [Packaging] - MERIT, Pharmaton Kiddi Puppet Show Pack, Mantra Communication

Pharmaton Kiddi Puppet Show Pack

Product / Service
Pharmaton Kiddi Supplements

Boehringer Ingelheim Div, Diethelm (M) Sdn. Bhd

To drive sales of Pharmaton Kiddi CL with a twin-pack offer, the agency was commissioned to devise a campaign that would appeal to parents and kids alike, at a small budget.

Understanding that decisions to purchase children’s supplements are mostly made in-store, we created a special promo pack. Based on a common behaviour of how children love stories, we conceptualised something that would encourage parents to interact with their children through storytelling. To fully realise this concept, we created a series 5 finger puppets as collectible premiums, and designed a packaging that transforms into a mini finger puppet theatre, complete with a short storyboard for children and parents to have fun and fully engage with Pharmaton Kiddi CL.

Creative Director
Teng Ing Siong

Art Director
Mexi Ng

June Adelyn Kang

Jenn Ee

Client Service
Lim Sue Ann

Print Producer
Leslie Yue



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